Đề thi Toeic Part 3 - Ets 2020 - Test 2 - Có đáp án chi tiết

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Part 3 ngày càng trở lên khó nhằn trong thời gian gần đây.
Trước khi bắt đầu phần nghe TOEIC part 3, các bạn sẽ được nghe phần hướng dẫn trong 30 giây. Lúc này bạn nên tập trung tinh thần và đọc trước câu hỏi trong đề thi để định hình nội dung cuộc hội thoại.
Trong phần này, các bạn sẽ được nghe 13 đoạn hội thoại ngắn không in trong đề thi. Mỗi đoạn có 03 câu hỏi được in sẵn trong đề, mỗi câu hỏi sẽ có 4 đáp án lựa chọn và nhiệm vụ của các bạn là chọn đáp án đúng nhất theo nội dung đoạn hội thoại vừa nghe.
Luôn đọc câu hỏi trước khi đoạn hội thoại được phát, nếu không nghe được thì nhanh chóng bỏ qua để tập trung nghe đoạn tiếp theo.
Chúc các bạn chinh phục được số điểm Toeic như mong đợi.

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Nội dung

Câu hỏi 1:

Questions 32 through 34 refer to the following conversation.

32. Who is Mr. Benson?

 An assistant

A client

A project manager

A shipping coordinator

Câu hỏi 2:

33. Why did Mr. Benson call?

To request an earlier delivery

To inquire about a bill

To report a mistake

To complain about some noise

Câu hỏi 3:

34. What does the woman say she will do?

Place an order

Change suppliers

Collect some tools

Review some blueprints

Câu hỏi 4:

Questions 35 through 37

35. What is taking place tomorrow?

A cooking class

A grand opening

A company dinner

 A music festival

Câu hỏi 5:

36. What does the woman hope will happen?

A job will become available.

An event will begin on time.

Store sales will increase.

Tourism to an area will improve,

Câu hỏi 6:

37. What does the man say he will do next?

Print out some coupons

Design a flyer

Decorate a room

Stock some shelves

Câu hỏi 7:

Questions 38 through 40 refer to the following conversation.

38. According to the speakers, what happened last week?

A new product was launched.

A software package was purchased.

A technical issue was resolved.

A regional office was closed.

Câu hỏi 8:

39. What industry do the speakers work in?

Health care




Câu hỏi 9:

40. What will the man do next week?

 Attend a training

Travel for business

Prepare a slideshow

Revise a contract

Câu hỏi 10:

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.

41. Where do the speakers work?

At a bank

 At a coffee shop

At a bookstore

At a medical clinic

Câu hỏi 11:

42. Why is the woman concerned?

Her inventory is low.

) She lost some contact information.

A seating area is too cold.

Road construction is disruptive.

Câu hỏi 12:

43. What does the man imply when he says, “I used to work at a hardware store”?

He can fix a problem.

He has experience in customer service.

He is not interested in an offer.

He is excited about teaching a new course.

Câu hỏi 13:

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.

44. What product are the speakers discussing?

A camera

A printer

A television

A mobile phone

Câu hỏi 14:

45. What problem does the woman mention?

An item is damaged.

An item is out of stock.

A display price is incorrect.

A delivery was not received.

Câu hỏi 15:

46. What does the manager offer the woman?

A refund

An extended warranty

Free membership

Express shipping

Câu hỏi 16:

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.

47. Where does the conversation most likely take place?

At a drug store

At a fitness center

At a research laboratory

At a dentist's office

Câu hỏi 17:

48. What does the man give to the woman?

A toothbrush

A pamphlet

A water bottle

A receipt

Câu hỏi 18:

49. What does the man ask the woman to do?

 Pay a fee

Sign a form

Provide an address

Make an appointment

Câu hỏi 19:

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation.

50. What type of business does the woman work for?

A grocery store

A publishing company

A marketing firm

A travel agency

Câu hỏi 20:

51. What does the woman mean when she says, “we’d really like to fill the position this week”?

A candidate should decide quickly.

An alternative plan needs to be approved.

Additional funding will be required.

A manager will change a timeline.

Câu hỏi 21:

52. According to the woman, what does the company always pay for?





Câu hỏi 22:

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation.

53. What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A holiday parade

A charity event

A health seminar

A company picnic

Câu hỏi 23:

54. What does Amelia offer to do tomorrow?

Speak with some colleagues

Pick up some supplies

Finalize a travel itinerary

Contact a news reporter

Câu hỏi 24:

55. Why will the man be in Washington?

To inspect a building

To accept an award

To attend a conference

To interview for a job

Câu hỏi 25:

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.

56. Where do the speakers most likely work?

At a shoe store

At a furniture store

At an auto repair shop

At a kitchen appliance store

Câu hỏi 26:

57. Why does the man decline the woman’s request at first?

He is on a short break.

He is preparing a display.

He is about to leave work.

He is assisting another client.

Câu hỏi 27:

58. What does the man say about an item?

It is broken.

It is discounted.

It is easy to operate.

It is probably unavailable.

Câu hỏi 28:

59. Why is the man calling?

59. Why is the man calling?

To conduct a survey

To inquire about a convention

To provide some feedback

To promote a product

Câu hỏi 29:

60. What does the woman say she is interested in?

Making online payments

Buying a membership

Reducing energy costs

Funding a research project

Câu hỏi 30:

61. What does the woman request?

A demonstration

A site visit

A registration form

Afinancing plan

Câu hỏi 31:

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation.

62. What event is the man calling about?

A trade show

A training workshop

An awards dinner

A retirement celebration

Câu hỏi 32:

63. Look at the graphic. How much will the man’s reservation cost?





Câu hỏi 33:

64. According to the woman, why is a catering business

It offers vegetarian dishes.

It uses local ingredients.

The prices are reasonable.

The chef is famous.

Câu hỏi 34:

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation.

65. What will the speakers do this afternoon?

Order replacement parts

Lead a staff meeting

Host a client lunch

Conduct a facility tour

Câu hỏi 35:

66. Look at the graphic. Which month do the speakers agree to discuss?





Câu hỏi 36:

67. What does the woman suggest doing?

Improving security

Hiring qualified employees

Building another warehouse

Inspecting some machines

Câu hỏi 37:

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation.

68. According to the woman, what is the benefit of changing a process?

It will decrease the workload.

It will make the company more competitive.

It will help prevent mistakes.

It will save money.

Câu hỏi 38:

69. Look at the graphic. Which step do the speakers agree should be removed?

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Câu hỏi 39:

70. What will the speakers do next?

Review a budget

Prepare a presentation

Print out some resumes

Hire a consultant

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