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Part 3 ngày càng trở lên khó nhằn trong thời gian gần đây.
Trước khi bắt đầu phần nghe TOEIC part 3, các bạn sẽ được nghe phần hướng dẫn trong 30 giây. Lúc này bạn nên tập trung tinh thần và đọc trước câu hỏi trong đề thi để định hình nội dung cuộc hội thoại.
Trong phần này, các bạn sẽ được nghe 13 đoạn hội thoại ngắn không in trong đề thi. Mỗi đoạn có 03 câu hỏi được in sẵn trong đề, mỗi câu hỏi sẽ có 4 đáp án lựa chọn và nhiệm vụ của các bạn là chọn đáp án đúng nhất theo nội dung đoạn hội thoại vừa nghe.
Luôn đọc câu hỏi trước khi đoạn hội thoại được phát, nếu không nghe được thì nhanh chóng bỏ qua để tập trung nghe đoạn tiếp theo.
Chúc các bạn chinh phục được số điểm Toeic như mong đợi.

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Nội dung

Câu hỏi 1:

Questions 32 through 34 refer to the following conversation.

32. Where does the woman say she wants to go?

To an airport

To a beach

To a hotel

To a fitness center

Câu hỏi 2:

33. Who most likely is the man?

An auto mechanic

A local musician

A security guard

A bus driver

Câu hỏi 3:

34. Why will the woman return home late?

She is working overtime.

She has a flight delay.

She is attending a concert.

She is eating at a restaurant.

Câu hỏi 4:

Questions 35 through 37 refer to the following conversation.

35. Where do the speakers most likely work?

At an appliance manufacturer

At a construction firm

At a grocery store

At an apartment complex

Câu hỏi 5:

36. What does the woman say she will review?

A budget

A contract

A job posting

An instruction manual

Câu hỏi 6:

37. What does the man hope to do this afternoon?

Schedule an interview

Arrange a discount

Make a delivery

Print some brochures

Câu hỏi 7:

Questions 38 through 40 refer to the following conversation.

38. Who most likely is the man?

A flight attendant

A sales representative

An event organizer

A repair technician

Câu hỏi 8:

39. Why is Sameera unable to attend a meeting?

Her flight was canceled.

Her car has broken down.

She is on vacation.

She is feeling sick.

Câu hỏi 9:

40. What does the woman say the man should do before a meeting?

Read some client information

Prepare a contract

Make a dinner reservation

Check some equipment

Câu hỏi 10:

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.

41. Where do the speakers work?

At a clothing shop

At a photography studio

At a travel agency

At a furniture store

Câu hỏi 11:

42. Why does the man say, “Coffee shops need a lot of tables and chairs”?

To request assistance

To correct an error

To express disagreement

To make a guess

Câu hỏi 12:

43. What will the woman do next?

Process an online order

Call the building's property manager

Meet some new neighbors

Fix a broken piece of equipment

Câu hỏi 13:

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.

44. Why does the man apologize?

He used the wrong entrance.

He is late for an appointment.

He forgot to bring identification.

He lost an order number.

Câu hỏi 14:

45. What is the man’s job?

 Delivery driver



Security guard

Câu hỏi 15:

46. Where does the woman direct the man to go?

To a conference room

To a security desk

To a construction site

To a loading dock

Câu hỏi 16:

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.

47. Where do the speakers most likely work?

At an advertising agency

At an electronics shop

At a furniture store

At an assembly plant

Câu hỏi 17:

48. Why does the woman say, “We’ve already sold out”?

To ask for help

To refuse a request

To express agreement

To show concern

Câu hỏi 18:

49. According to the woman, why is a product popular?

It has good online reviews.

It has a lifetime warranty.

It is being advertised by celebrities.

It is being sold at a low price.

Câu hỏi 19:

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation.

50. Why are the men at the store?

To return a defective item

To purchase a gift

To publicize a festival

To apply for a position

Câu hỏi 20:

51. What hobby Is mentioned?





Câu hỏi 21:

52. What does the woman recommend?

Finalizing a schedule

Consulting a return policy

Getting a membership

Downloading a map

Câu hỏi 22:

Questions 53 through 54 refer to the following conversation.

53. Why are the speakers traveling?

To attend a conference

To train some employees

To meet a client

To open a new business location

Câu hỏi 23:

54. What does the man say he will do during the flight?

Update a travel itinerary

Edit some presentation slides

Proofread a contract

Review some resumes

Câu hỏi 24:

55. What will the speakers most likely do when they land?

Check in to a hotel

Eat at a restaurant

Board another flight

Go to an office building

Câu hỏi 25:

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.

56. Where most likely are the speakers?

In a computer store

In a recording studio

In a medical clinic

In an electrical supply shop

Câu hỏi 26:

57. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

A work schedule

A recent illness

Some pricing options

Some maintenance problems

Câu hỏi 27:

58. What does the woman say the men should do?

Contact a manager

Complete a form

Pay a bill

Provide some identification

Câu hỏi 28:

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation.

59. What type of business do the speakers most likely operate?

A cooking school

A kitchen supply store

A dairy farm

A specialty bakery

Câu hỏi 29:

60. How does the woman want to reduce expenses?

By relocating a business

By shortening operating hours

By using local suppliers

By purchasing in bulk

Câu hỏi 30:

61. What is the man concerned about?

A change may affect product quality.

A new recipe has not been successful.

An ingredient is no longer being sold.

A competing business is expanding.

Câu hỏi 31:

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation.

62. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

An inspection of a facility

Transportation of some parts

A revised government policy

Some upcoming road construction

Câu hỏi 32:

63. What does the man say he will do tomorrow?

Calculate a distance

Adjust a budget

Talk to local officials

Print a permit

Câu hỏi 33:

64. Look at the graphic. According to the speakers, what will be shipped next?

The engine case

The tower

The foundation

The blades

Câu hỏi 34:

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation.

65. What event are the speakers preparing for?

A professional conference

A political debate

An awards ceremony

A musical concert

Câu hỏi 35:

66. What was the man asked to do?

Collect tickets

Leave empty rows near the stage

Set up some extra equipment

Pass out programs

Câu hỏi 36:

67. Look at the graphic. Where will the man most likely be working during the event?

At Position 1

At Position 2

At Position 3

At Position 4

Câu hỏi 37:

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation.

68. What does the woman say about the clients?

Their flight was delayed.

Their contract has not been signed.

They prefer to try a seafood restaurant.

They want to visit museums,

Câu hỏi 38:

69. What does the man suggest doing?

Updating an event calendar

Trying some local food

Taking a bus tour

Making reservations

Câu hỏi 39:

70. Look at the graphic. Which location will the speakers go to?

65 Elm St.

2 Peach St.

41 Ames Ave.

7 Edson Rd.

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