Đề thi Toeic Part 3 - Ets 2019 - Test 10 - Có đáp án chi tiết

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Part 3 ngày càng trở lên khó nhằn trong thời gian gần đây.
Trước khi bắt đầu phần nghe TOEIC part 3, các bạn sẽ được nghe phần hướng dẫn trong 30 giây. Lúc này bạn nên tập trung tinh thần và đọc trước câu hỏi trong đề thi để định hình nội dung cuộc hội thoại.
Trong phần này, các bạn sẽ được nghe 13 đoạn hội thoại ngắn không in trong đề thi. Mỗi đoạn có 03 câu hỏi được in sẵn trong đề, mỗi câu hỏi sẽ có 4 đáp án lựa chọn và nhiệm vụ của các bạn là chọn đáp án đúng nhất theo nội dung đoạn hội thoại vừa nghe.
Luôn đọc câu hỏi trước khi đoạn hội thoại được phát, nếu không nghe được thì nhanh chóng bỏ qua để tập trung nghe đoạn tiếp theo.
Chúc các bạn chinh phục được số điểm Toeic như mong đợi.

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Nội dung

Câu hỏi 1:

Questions 32 through 34 refer to the following conversation.

32. Where does the woman work?

At a computer store

At an accounting firm

At a medical clinic

At a post office

Câu hỏi 2:

33. Why is the man calling?

To change an appointment

To discuss a billing error

To buy some supplies

To ask for direction

Câu hỏi 3:

34. According to the woman, what happened last month?

Some software was installed.

A business relocated.

A schedule changed.

Some shipments were delayed.

Câu hỏi 4:

Questions 35 through 37 refer to the following conversation.

35. What is happening next weekend?

A retirement dinner

A grand opening

A birthday party

A wedding

Câu hỏi 5:

36. What is the woman's specialty?

Baking cakes

Cooking vegetarian meals

Designing kitchens

Arranging flowers

Câu hỏi 6:

37. What will the woman most likely do next?

Clean a workstation

Choose an assistant

Look at an order form

Find some equipment

Câu hỏi 7:

Questions 38 through 40 refer to the following conversation.

38. Who is the woman?

A financial adviser

An art gallery owner

A delivery driver

An apartment manager

Câu hỏi 8:

39. What problem does the man mention?

A room is poorly lit.

A machine is too noisy.

A space is too small.

A location is inconvenient.

Câu hỏi 9:

40. What does the woman offer to do for the man?

Renovate a room

Lower a price

Hire a technician

Rent an appliance

Câu hỏi 10:

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.

41. Where do the speakers work?

At a botanical garden

At a landscaping company

At a jewelry shop

At a travel agency

Câu hỏi 11:

42. What did the woman recently do?

She made a large sale.

She finalized a budget.

She organized activities for a celebration.

She received a certificate.

Câu hỏi 12:

43. What will the woman do next?

Give a tour

Read a manual

Call a vendor

Rearrange a display

Câu hỏi 13:

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.

44. Where is the man going?

To a trade show

To a community festival

To a board meeting

To an orientation session

Câu hỏi 14:

45. What does the man mean when he says, "It's just one small bag"?

He does not have space to bring an item.

He does not need help.

He thinks a product is too expensive.

He needs to buy new luggage.

Câu hỏi 15:

46. Why is the man leaving early?

He has to catch a flight.

He needs time to eat lunch.

He is worried about traffic.

He has to practice a presentation.

Câu hỏi 16:

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.

47. Where most likely are the speakers?

At a train station

At a movie theater

At a restaurant

At a furniture store

Câu hỏi 17:

48. What will begin at two o'clock?

A building inspection

A press conference

An awards ceremony

A job fair

Câu hỏi 18:

49. Why do the men decide to call a business?

To order tickets

To get driving directions

To complain about a service

To make a reservation

Câu hỏi 19:

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation.

50. Where do the speakers most likely work?

At a car manufacturer

At a law firm

At an Internet-service provider

At a fashion magazine

Câu hỏi 20:

51. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

A staff assignment

A salary increase

A safety procedure

An equipment upgrade

Câu hỏi 21:

52. What does the man offer to do?

Review a portfolio

Consult a colleague

Submit an application

Schedule a business trip 

Câu hỏi 22:

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation.

53. Where do the speakers work?

At an employment agency

At a bank

At a pharmacy

At a supermarket

Câu hỏi 23:

54. Why does the woman say, "I'll probably have to work late tonight"?

To offer a solution to a problem

To decline an invitation

To ask for some help

To correct a misunderstanding

Câu hỏi 24:

55. What does the woman say she has to do by tomorrow?

Review a resume

Set up a display

Prepare a demonstration

Finish a summary

Câu hỏi 25:

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.

56. Why is the woman late?

She could not find a tool.

She did not submit a report on time.

She had to park far away.

She was waiting for an assistant.

Câu hỏi 26:

57. What problem does the man mention?

Some signs are missing.

Some floor tiles are loose.

A handrail is broken.

Some lights will not turn on.

Câu hỏi 27:

58. What does the man say he will do after lunch?

Change a light bulb

Lock a room

Conduct an interview

Get a supervisor's approval

Câu hỏi 28:

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation.

59. What business does the woman work for?

A software company

A stationery store

A real estate agency

An accounting firm

Câu hỏi 29:

60. What does the woman want to do?

Purchase a printer

Dispose of old documents


Renew a lease

Ship some boxes

Câu hỏi 30:

61. What will Raj most likely do next week?

Meet the woman at her office

Send the woman a catalog

Attend a small-business seminar

Pick up flyers from a printshop

Câu hỏi 31:

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation.

62. What is the man's job?

Flight attendant

Taxi driver

Hotel manager


Câu hỏi 32:

63. Look at the graphic. Who will the man's trainer most likely be?






Câu hỏi 33:

64. Why does the woman make an appointment for the man?

He has to take a fitness assessment.

He has to complete some paperwork.

He wants to practice using some equipment.

He wants to tour a fitness center.

Câu hỏi 34:

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation.

65. Why is the man at the store?

To interview for a job

To make a delivery

To complain about a service

To buy some merchandise

Câu hỏi 35:

66. Look at the graphic. Where does the woman direct the man to go to?


Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

Câu hỏi 36:

67. What does the man show the woman?

An invoice

A discount coupon

A corporate policy

A product brochure

Câu hỏi 37:

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation.


68. What does the man say he likes about his current job?

His boss is supportive.

His company offers bonuses.

The office is close to his home.

The work is interesting.

Câu hỏi 38:

69. Look at the graphic. Which job will the man most likely apply for?

Senior Accountant

Tax Accountant

Property Accountant

Management Accountant

Câu hỏi 39:

70. What does the woman say she will do soon?

Start her own company

Transfer to another department

Plan a vacation

Go to graduate school

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